…and the green leaves grew around

As anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will know, this Friday is the sheTOGETHER 2018 concert! I'm very excited to hear all the fantastic works by other female artists and I hope that, if you can make it, you come along and support us. To give you a little taster, I'm going to tell [...]

A Trip to Talliston

A few weeks ago I travelled to Essex to see Talliston House & Gardens, a possible venue for the time-trace-place project that I am part of (more details on this project will be coming very soon). Talliston is extraordinary - each room takes you to a different time and place. It took twenty-five years for the owner, John [...]

Creativity vs Binge Watching

Last week I shared my New Years Resolutions with you and I got some good feedback - some of you said it was an interesting way to make resolutions and you might give it a try! Unfortunately, it hasn't worked... Actually, it might be more accurate to say it isn't working for some resolutions. My [...]

Relaxation music

I often use relaxation music to de-stress - so I thought why not compose some myself? This time of year can be stressful, so whether you listen to this or not take some time to look after yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4cBcZJAbZM   If you’re enjoying my content here and want to support me you can give me [...]