Cantiana Choir workshop / video score progress

Cantiana Choir workshop On Saturday, I travelled down to Kent for a workshop with Cantiana Choir on 'All the Days of Your Life', an anthem in memory of Alan Bayford. The piece has some 'weird and wonderful' elements and the choir took on the challenge with enthusiasm! I'm looking forward to the world premiere on [...]

How do you explain the experience of Talliston?

Head on over to the time-trace-place website to read my post about a meeting between the collaborators on our time is different here... project. It was an interesting discussion, but having not yet visited Talliston Gemma and Gary were at a slight disadvantage! Explaining how time and place become distorted once you're inside is not easy...

…and the green leaves grew around

As anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will know, this Friday is the sheTOGETHER 2018 concert! I'm very excited to hear all the fantastic works by other female artists and I hope that, if you can make it, you come along and support us. To give you a little taster, I'm going to tell [...]