Caution. You are approaching the end…

Last week, I shared one of my WIPs with you all. This week, you get to see the finished product! It is composed for flautist Gavin Osborn, who will be giving the world premiere performance at the Congleton festival on Saturday 3rd March (more details coming soon!).

Here is the first page of ‘Caution. You are approaching the end…’ along with the programme notes:


“The majority of my scores explore different ways of organising musical ideas visually, revolving around performers choosing their own path through the score. Caution. You are approaching the end… continues this exploration but, unlike my earlier scores, approaches the organisation of materials as more of a collage than a map. The performer can still choose different paths through the score but the visual result is more chaotic; this will affect how the performer makes these decisions. It is also the first score of mine that makes use of colour.

Another reason for the collage-style appearance of the score is this: The piece was mostly written between my various jobs as a violin/piano/voice teacher. Therefore, the musical material is a collage of ideas scribbled down on various pieces of paper (and sometimes even in the back of music books!). As my lessons happen in many different schools and I do not own a car, much of this time is spent in train stations, supermarkets and other public places. Various announcements would often interrupt my thought process, which is mirrored by the different musical materials visually ‘interrupting’ each other. The title of the piece is taken from an announcement made in Asda, Swinton. The whole announcement is “Caution. You are approaching the end of the travelator.” However, the way sound travels through the space means that in the cafe you can only hear the first part of the announcement, making any time spent there seem strangely ominous.”


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