A Trip to Talliston

A few weeks ago I travelled to Essex to see Talliston House & Gardens, a possible venue for the time-trace-place project that I am part of (more details on this project will be coming very soon).

Talliston is extraordinary – each room takes you to a different time and place. It took twenty-five years for the owner, John Trevillian, to complete his project! Even though it’s an ex-council house and has the same dimensions as many houses that I’ve been in before, the creative way in which the rooms are put together make it feel bigger on the inside. (There’s a Doctor Who joke in there somewhere…)

It’s very difficult to describe the house…it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! If you want to know more, here’s the story of Talliston in their own words. And to help you get a feel for the different spaces…

Honestly though, I don’t think the images alone do this place justice; the sounds and smells of each place really take you to each location and time in a way that videos and photographs just can’t.


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