Flesh / from my garden

I’m back to normal life after my time in St Ives working on time - trace - place. That project disrupted this blog a tad because I was writing posts for the project’s website. If you missed them, you can find my post here: the traces we leave out of The Comfort Zone Reflections For [...]

How do you explain the experience of Talliston?

Head on over to the time-trace-place website to read my post about a meeting between the collaborators on our time is different here... project. It was an interesting discussion, but having not yet visited Talliston Gemma and Gary were at a slight disadvantage! Explaining how time and place become distorted once you're inside is not easy...

A Trip to Talliston

A few weeks ago I travelled to Essex to see Talliston House & Gardens, a possible venue for the time-trace-place project that I am part of (more details on this project will be coming very soon). Talliston is extraordinary - each room takes you to a different time and place. It took twenty-five years for the owner, John [...]