Flesh / from my garden

I’m back to normal life after my time in St Ives working on time – trace – place. That project disrupted this blog a tad because I was writing posts for the project’s website. If you missed them, you can find my post here:

the traces we leave

out of The Comfort Zone


For this post, I thought I’d catch you up on a couple of other projects I’m working on. There are, as always, many things in the works, but two have reached a point where I can share something with you.


Although this started as a work restricted by only using sounds I can make with my body, it quickly took a slightly different slant. I have recently consumed two pieces of fictional media, the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer and Rusty Quill’s The Magnus Archives, which both explore humans physically but subtly changing into something other. The first two pieces I created for this project reminded me of that unsettling, inexplicable change and the rest of the works are being created with this idea in mind.

Here are some extracts of what I have so far:


from my garden

time – trace – place made me think about litter in a different way, partly because much of the installation was made from objects that people had left behind on the beach and partly due to discussions between myself and the other collaborators about our relationship with the rubbish around us. These discussions usually focused on how we don’t notice it or think about the consequences of what we leave behind. So, on returning to Manchester I decided I would make sure I noticed the rubbish around me by documenting it in some way. This led to the from my garden project, in which I document every man-made thing (usually rubbish) that somehow finds its way into my garden. If you’re interested, you can follow this project on my Instagram.


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