From live painting to poetry, Collective31’s SHEtogether concert was a fantastic event of works by female artists. Like last year, it was wonderful to be among so many talented women. In the majority of performances of my works, the other composers are all male (and usually pre-1900). However, this year the tide seems to be turning – I already have a project lined up in which I’m working with two other women who compose and in April one of my works will be part of a recital of works by women. I hope this trend continues!

Here is a list of all the artists who had works performed – go and check them out!

And of course, as promised, here is a recording of …and the green leaves grew around, complete with ambient car sounds and coughing! Thank you to the performers – Henry Rankin, Sarah Keirle, Mario Castello-Cordoba and Sophie Sully. This is the first performance of this piece that includes a double bass…it certainly makes a difference! The resonant sounds really bring out the rhythmic qualities of the piece.







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