Finding Balance

I began this year with the knowledge that the balance between my instrumental teaching and my 'creative work' (composing, improvising etc.) had to be addressed. 2018 was a fantastic year for me, creativity-wise, but during 2019 the financial realities of life forced me to prioritise a steady income over project-based work. But also, I enjoy [...]

door progress / a spinning score

Updates on a couple of things I've been working on this week... door progress The door has been sanded, brought inside and I've begun adding some things to it. (If you've been following my #frommygarden project, you might recognise something!)   spinning score Gavin Osborn has asked me to compose a score using projection and/or [...]

All the days of your life / a door

It's the summer holidays and that means sunshine, barbecues and lots of time to catch up on projects that have fallen behind over the end-of-term-madness... All the days of your life I've been mentioning a piece that I'm writing for Cantiana Choir for a while now but haven't given you a whole lot of information. [...]