All the days of your life / a door

It’s the summer holidays and that means sunshine, barbecues and lots of time to catch up on projects that have fallen behind over the end-of-term-madness…

All the days of your life

Photo by Nejc Košir

I’ve been mentioning a piece that I’m writing for Cantiana Choir for a while now but haven’t given you a whole lot of information. I was commissioned to write an anthem in memory of Alan Bayford, husband of MD Lissie Bayford and a close family friend. You’ll get a tiny sneak-peek here, but you’ll have to wait until the first performance on 21st December to hear more….


a door

time-trace-place has certainly had an effect on me…

If you read my Reflections post over on the time-trace-place website, you might remember my plan to create a space for a collage of creativity. Last week, I saw half a door left on the side of the road by the bins…and I wanted it. It seemed like the perfect canvas. So, I brought it home (with many rests along the way!) and have slowly been preparing it in the garden until I can bring it indoors….

5 thoughts on “All the days of your life / a door

  1. Enjoying working on ‘All the days of your life’. Really strong feedback from the choir, who are all looking forward to the workshop on Saturday.


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