Septura | Friday Favourites

A new segment called…Friday Favourites (yay, more alliteration!). Every Friday I will share a new piece/arrangement/composer/ensemble/something-music-related that I’ve discovered recently, in the hopes that you will also discover something new that you enjoy.

This week I heard an arrangement of one of my favourite string quartets, Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8, performed by the brass group Septura. The way that the arrangement changes the colour of the piece but still manages to keep the character kept me listening again and again. Hearing this performed live must be wonderful – the effect of the musical material being passed between the trumpets and between the trombones already gives me goosebumps, just imagine how it would sound if you were in that hall. If you haven’t heard the original string quartet, I suggest having a listen first so you can really appreciate the skill of the arrangement.


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