WIP Wednesday

Because composing a piece takes a long time, there’s not a lot of new material to show you on this piece today. However, there is quite a lot I can talk about. The main thing being that the plan is to divide this piece into three pieces. Have a listen and I’ll explain what I mean:

The first 3 minutes 40 seconds pretty much work as a piece – I’m only making a few tweaks to this section – but by the time we get to 5:40 a new idea has been introduced. This new idea is repeated and underpins the high-pitched ”bird sounds”, much like the tritone that is repeated at the very beginning. By 8:00, we’ve transitioned to a new idea again which ends pretty quickly because, as I was playing the improvisation, I realised that I had moved to a very different sound.

So, given the fact that these are now three pieces, I have changed my working title to ‘Triptych’ (there we go, that’s better than Bird? isn’t it?). I’m currently working on the ended of the first piece and changing the transition into 5:40, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see how that’s going!

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