WIP Wednesday | 25th April

I’ve got a good old-fashioned WIP Wednesday for you today. A little update on what I’ve been working on. But before I get into that, just an fyi that I’ll be updating this website over the next week. It’s great that I’ve done so many things recently but the ‘Performances and Releases’ page is getting a bit long and not the nicest to read, so I’m thinking of some ways to make it easier to see what I’ve been up to. This might mean a whole theme-change or just a change to that specific page. So, if you happen to be here over the next week (especially on the weekend) and things look a bit strange, bear with me, I’m just sorting things out.

Okay, on to my works in progress this week…


This is a composition for Crystal Chords. If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you’ll know that this has been on the chalk board for quite a long time. However, the lyricist recently sent me some images that included the title Tidesong…and that immediately got the inspiration flowing. Here’s a little peek at the song so far:

Another album, maybe?

Although I loved working on sketching the rainmy project for NaNoWriMo17, I wanted to create something that I had more time to work on, something that was more considered and cohesive. So, I’ve started working on a project which uses only sounds I can make with my body (singing, clicking, clapping etc)…sort of acapella (although it’s definitely not going to be like Glee!). Any detectives among you will be able to figure out the working title from last week’s post… Have a listen to an extract of what I’ve got so far:

time – trace – place

As always, you can find updates on the two site-specific works on the time – trace – place website.

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