New piece – Improvisation | WIP Wednesday

There are a few tools I use to start composing a piece. I might use a process that the music will go through and add notes to it, I might be inspired by an object and create a score around that or I might work around a certain musical motif. But one of my favourite ways to start a piece of music is by improvising at the piano.

A couple of weeks ago I improvised this:

Yes, its working title is ‘Bird?’. I am terrible at titles. Somebody help.

Obviously, this is not a completely finished piece. There are things in there that I’m not happy with, but I think the overall structure is there. Honestly, it’s a bit scary letting people hear it at this stage. In the past the only people who have heard a piece at this point are my partner and my supervisor at university. But it’s there, it’s done, and you can see it evolve into a finished composition over the next few weeks, months or maybe even years…


A quick reminder that three new violin pieces (called Three pieces in a folk music style for solo violin…I told you I’m bad at titles) should be out on Sunday, rain permitting. So watch this space!

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