A whole lotta birds | WIP Wednesday

Triptych for solo piano

The first piece of Triptych is pretty much finished! (Well, as finished as a piece of music can ever be…). I have worked out what the ending wanted to be; sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. I feel like, as a composer, I spend a lot of time worrying whether my music is ‘complicated enough’, an anxiety that probably comes from years of studying incredibly complex works (like Brian Ferneyhough’s – if you look on YouTube you can find some examples of his incredibly difficult scores). But with this piece, I’m trying to let that go. I’m following where the music wants to go, rather than adding unnecessary ideas just to make it fit with what other composers have gone. And I think it’s working…here’s hoping!

Here’s a sneak-peek into the end of the first piece:


Bird Raptures

I started composing another piece just today: a setting of Christina Rossetti’s poem Bird Raptures for SATB choir. Yes, it’s another piece inspired by birds! I seem to be developing a bit of a theme here…let’s just go with it.

The poem focuses a lot on the nightingale, so I’m planning to include some music based on a nightingale’s song…which means listening to lots of nightingales and attempting to transcribe their song into something that a choir could sing. These are my first few scribbles:


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